Self-Pubbing Recommendations

It’s getting warmer! Only ten degrees below freezing. I know, I’m a delicate PNW mushroom, we’re not used to this sort of weather. It’s like when the temperature gets above seventy–to us, that’s damn warm. And they’re saying freezing rain tonight and tomorrow, which…joy. Last time we had freezing rain we were trapped in the […]

Fairy Tales, Under the Hood

Originally posted yesterday, at the Deadline Dames. Check us out! When I was very young, I was given a battered hardback copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales from a garage sale. I think the person who bought it figured, hey, Disney, all girls love princesses and she loves to read, right? What the giver did not […]

Not Done Yet

So yesterday 5K words slid out of my head, whole and bloody, and the zero draft of The Iron Plague (also known as “that trailer-park elf book”) is finished. This is a cause for celebration, yes, because this book has been in my head for years (ever since my writing partner told me about a […]

Fantastic, Gone Wrong

So I found out what was killing my website over and over again. After going through a server move, several rounds of turning off and turning on plugins, and having my webhosting company push a VPS–I laughed at that–I finally took a look at things and deleted the wiki. And magically, things cleared up. Apparently […]