Out of Trouble

The weekend was spent in an orgy of housecleaning (frankly the only manner of orgy I have any patience for nowadays) and errand-running, since I’ve been scrambling to catch up with a bunch of stuff and have let both slip. The furious activity means that things are relatively clean and the Yule tree is up–the […]

Shoplifting Dream Assassins

I dreamed I got a job at a drugstore attached to a mall. A friend and I were hired at the same time, and our first few days went smoothly…until the manager had a day off and the assistant manager, a petty tyrant, took over. He was so nasty-tempered and insistent that my friend and […]

Running, Not Running, and the Weekend Felony

Every once in a while, a day comes along where you can’t run. You’ve been going along with your training plan, accident, injury, illness, whatever keeps you from lacing your shoes up and hitting the pavements. Such days are intensely frustrating–at least, for me. I get an itching under my skin and a snarl below […]