Snow Day

They came through with trucks spraying deicer early this morning. Nevertheless, you can see where people slid getting out of their driveways, or lost control for a few seconds going down the hill. I’m glad I kept everyone home today–I have probably used up all my driving luck the past couple icy days. The paper […]

Samples and Practice

The piano lessons proceed apace. Daily practice is sometimes frustrating–for example, a simple adaptation of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik makes my brain cramp something fierce, and it’s taken me three days to get to the point where I can pick out a reasonable facsimile of it. Still, there’s progress, and I’m in the process of deciding […]

Not Done Yet

So yesterday 5K words slid out of my head, whole and bloody, and the zero draft of The Iron Plague (also known as “that trailer-park elf book”) is finished. This is a cause for celebration, yes, because this book has been in my head for years (ever since my writing partner told me about a […]

Not Juggling Chainsaws

4500 words on Iron Plague yesterday. I found out what a secondary character’s motivations are, which was nice–I knew said character wanted something, just not what. Turns out the Muse, as usual, is smarter than I am, and had her own reasons for the way that character acted. The book is spiking toward the finish, […]