Offertorium Profane

It’s a rough morning around here. (I am wearing this expression.) Me: “Time to get up for school.” Little Prince: “I’m trying.” Princess: “Hand-eye coordination is so not my thing at this hour.” Me: “It’s not my thing at any hour.” Odd Trundles: “IF I CHEW THIS DEER ANTLER YOU WON’T LEAVE! LOOK! LOOK, I’M […]


Dawn, again. The cavies are burbling softly. It’s kind of nice having them in the office, even if they’re weird little rodent critters. Still, since I’ve taken over caring for them (yes, I know, look, the kid was eleven, of COURSE he thought cavies were a fine idea and promised to care for them) I […]

Proceeding Stubbornly

It’s a misty, beautiful dawn, red and gold, the moon peering through veils as she sails slowly for her rest. The Princess took pictures of it–she has a good eye for composition, probably from all the manga she reads and draws. The mist smells of drying leaves and that hint of spice-decay before the rains […]

Sheer Enraged Entitlement

My hair’s reaching that point where it won’t lie down, it just sticks straight up like I have a sink scrubber on my head. More about that tomorrow, I don’t feel up to writing the whole thing now. Today will be another 80+ degree day. GO HOME, OCTOBER. YOU’RE DRUNK. There’s been some talk lately […]

The Mad Tortie Arrives

Where was I? Oh yeah, there was a frenzy of licking Beauregarde the Baby Knight of the Nut Table, Tarzan was laughing like he was going to herniate himself, in between shaking his head and sputtering, “This is SO BIZARRE,” and I kept replying, “WELCOME TO MY LIFE.” Lest you think we were being cruel […]