Want me to write a book?

Well, actually, a serial, that will be released in ebook form (kind of like Selene)? Then hie thee hence to Fireside Magazine’s Year Three Kickstarter. If we reach our goal, I’ll be writing an ongoing serial based on my last Fireside story, Maternal Type. Which means cyborgs, bloodsuckers, train heists, Wild West shootouts, and a […]

Harry, the Undead

Going to the grocery store is always an adventure. My children have learned this. After piano lessons on Saturday, the Princess and I stopped at a New Seasons to pick up various things. While there, she fell in love with the idea of a diffuser–tealight in the bottom, water and essential oils in the top–and […]

All Aboard The Pliny Train

Can anyone guess what this is? It’s THE PLINY TRAIN. You’re looking at Loeb Classical Library’s ten-volume set of Pliny the Elder‘s Natural History. Which I’m going to do a read-along of, right here on this very blog. Lest you think this will be boring, oh my chickadees, let me school you. Pliny the Elder […]

Lucia, Uneven but Worth It

My Evenings At The Opera continue apace. Actually, they’re more like afternoons at the opera, but to me opera is always an evening. With my trusty Moleskine open and shiny bobby pins in my braids (as close to dressing up as I ever get, nowadays) I ventured forth, and saw the Portland Opera’s Sunday matinee […]