Delayed Gratification Success

The book launch for Latimer’s Law was a roaring success. I made plenty of coffees, my writing partner read from the first chapter of her book, and I got to see so many old friends–former writing students, and poets, and people familiar from all the community events Cover to Cover hosts. I was also called […]

The Selkie’s First!

GUESS WHAT. My writing partner and best friend (Mel Sterling, known as the Selkie ’round these parts for lo these many years) has a book birthday today! Not just any book birthday. This is Latimer’s Law, the book she won in the Harlequin So You Think You Can Write contest with, her first trad-published book […]

The Nature of Pliny’s World

We’re approaching the edge of the suburbs now. If you look out your windows on either side, you’ll see the modern world fading bit by bit. (Except for the tracks, of course. And the train.) We are invisible to the outside, so please do keep your hands and feet! Accidents can happen–we had a passenger […]