Sock Monkeh!

SOCK MONKEH, avec embarrassing bulge, in honor of the orgy of capitalism and greed that is about to ensue. I actually snapped this some time ago, and sent it to the Selkie with the threat that I was going to buy one for her, so he could help her write. Her reply was sufficiently unrepeatable […]

Blank Spaces

I’m taking a break from writing the adventures of Beauregarde–we’ll finish up next week, I think. I woke up from a pretty intense dream this morning, and as I was writing it down (I love these for dream journals, by the way) I realised that the setting for the dream was actually someplace I’d been […]

Tarzan and Beauregarde

Have you ever seen a six-foot-tall former competitive swimmer levitate? I have. In fact, I did just this past weekend, and there was a squirrel involved. And anime, but only tangentially. The Princess attended Kumoricon with a friend, and I had a lovely brunch with said friend’s mum at Willem’s on Main. (Thumb’s up for […]

A Skeleton

My room is full of white-painted furniture now. My friends keep asking what the hell is wrong with me, but since my bedroom window faces east and the wall of cedars behind our yard, I wanted lighter stuff in there. And it really had been too long since I went to Ikea. Anyway, much thanks […]