Onward, Again

Comments have been closed on the previous post. The mod queue has been tightened up, for obvious reasons. It will relax again when the current storm blows over. So if you make a comment and it doesn’t immediately appear, don’t despair, it just means I haven’t swung by the site at brekkie, lunchtime, or after […]

Another Layer

The Pliny Train is still chugging along, folks, but we won’t have another landmark until next week. I’d love to say it’s for a good reason, but the plain truth is this past weekend just about kicked my ass. Between playing catch-up from the window installation (more about that in another post) and getting the […]

Serial Finish, And More

The Selene serial is now finished! The last chapter and epilogue went up yesterday. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. It will remain up for a couple weeks, and once I have a firm date for the book release I’ll also announce it. I originally planned to take the serial down once the paper book was […]

SELENE Cover Reveal, and More

Some pretty grand news today: a Selene cover reveal up over at Mel’s “My World.” (You may have noticed the new banner up at the serial site.) The cover comes via Indigo Chick Designs, and I can’t recommend Skyla’s work enough. She also does editing and ebook/print formatting. The Selene ebook and paperback are scheduled […]

Bonebreaking Inside

There’s a new chapter of Selene up today! Things are heating up in the story. I have the serial chapters all scheduled, including two in the week leading up to Yule. I am also testing a way for Readers to buy SquirrelTerror, Quill & Crow, and Selene ebooks through this site. Very exciting! Also involved […]