Snow Day

They came through with trucks spraying deicer early this morning. Nevertheless, you can see where people slid getting out of their driveways, or lost control for a few seconds going down the hill. I’m glad I kept everyone home today–I have probably used up all my driving luck the past couple icy days. The paper […]

Self-Pubbing Recommendations

It’s getting warmer! Only ten degrees below freezing. I know, I’m a delicate PNW mushroom, we’re not used to this sort of weather. It’s like when the temperature gets above seventy–to us, that’s damn warm. And they’re saying freezing rain tonight and tomorrow, which…joy. Last time we had freezing rain we were trapped in the […]

Resisting Temptation

It’s Wednesday, which means a new chapter of Selene is up. Long chapter is long! I have to resist the urge to cram more in, because Selene’s world is also Dante Valentine’s, but Selene grew up in the camps after the War. So historical things Danny refers to are fresh and raw for Selene. Anyway. […]

Too Damn Hot

It’s Wednesday, so a new chapter of Selene is up! Also, SquirrelTerror is moving forward on the paper book front. If you contributed to the Indiegogo campaign and selected a perk, you should have already received your free copy of the SquirrelTerror ebook. If you didn’t, please email me! There are a couple contributors whose […]