Chipping, Incognito

Chipping the words out, one by one. Yesterday was difficult–the scene I had to stitch into the first Gallow book took a different direction, and though I wanted to make it a neat little package it refused, point-blank, to do what I wanted. Just like coaxing a small animal out of hiding–you have to work […]

More Layers

I’m at full steam on revisions for the first Gallow book. It’s…interesting. I tend to write lean and fast on the zero and first drafts, so that the editor normally has to tell me where to pack more into a story instead of excising bits. Which ends up with a little frustration on my end–I […]

On Headspace

I started using the Headspace app over two weeks ago. So far it’s good–there’s an issue with it not clocking my “run streaks” effectively, but considering that I’m not doing this for app achievements it’s probably okay. I began seriously pursuing meditation during my treatment for anxiety, and never fell fully out of the habit. […]

Mad Scramble

My brain aches. The last few days have been a mad scramble, between starting the music theory course, having houseguests, finishing revisions, and generally catching up and cramming about six weeks’ worth of work into less than a weekend. All of which adds up to me staring blankly at the computer screen, trying to remember […]

At One’s Peril

Have reached the slog in the middle of the serial, where each day’s work feels like chipping tiny bits of dust away from a fossil. There are also copyedits for Kin to be Dealt With. I should really do a post or two about retelling fairytales. Especially since Wayfarer is out now. The trilogy–the structure […]