Not Really Admire

Oh, the Gulag is alive and well! You can tell Putin’s continuing the grand old Chekist tradition, with only a few nods to modern conditions. One might almost admire that sort of fidelity to premodern institutions. Almost. Jeff Sharlet, a reporter I particularly admire, has an article up about MRAs. (I needed a shower after […]

Strangely Restful

I finished Anne Applebaum’s GULAG: A History last night. Right before it I read Kolyma Tales, which means my head is full of history right now, and not very nice history at that. It’s chilling to see how well repression and the simple expedient of giving some slaves slightly better conditions in return for their […]

Menagerie There

I’m back! Well, I wasn’t really gone, just sunk into revising. I’d thought this book was fairly clean and easy. GOD, WAS I WRONG. Still, I can take some comfort from it. If you look at something you wrote months or years ago and don’t cringe a little thinking of how you could pull it […]

Begun to Green

Hip-deep in revisions. I’d forgotten what it was like to gut a manuscript. HA HA JUST KIDDING, IT’S BURNED INTO MY CRANIUM, I CAN’T FORGET. *sigh* Yeah, it’s revision time again, as if you can’t tell. I thought this book–my retelling of Beauty & the Beast–would hold up fairly well. My goodness, but was I […]