Lay The Table And Let Go

Writing is a lot like feeding children. One of the best things I ever found on the Internet was the Fat Nutritionist. While enduring the breakup of my marriage, I lost a ton of weight, and I lost even more after the divorce. (I knew why, too. I wasn’t miserable and trying to cover the […]

Crazy Monkeybrain Crack Dust, AKA, Writer’s Ideas

Crossposted to the Deadline Dames, where there are new releases, contests, and all sorts of other fun and no-bullshit writing advice. Check us out! Well, hello. It’s Wednesday again. First, two announcements! Yes, this is espresso and Bailey’s in a mug that says “I am going to hex your face off.” After I Tweeted that […]

From Kickass Un-PreRequisite to Rippling Tweakage

Crossposted to the Deadline Dames, who you should really be reading. Because we’re awesome. Instead of the Snowpocalypse we feared (and that Seattle is currently suffering under the spike heel of) we’ve got rain. Lots of rain. Well, this is the Pacific Northwest, and I happen to like rain, but I wish the weather would […]

The Synchronous Mailbag

Crossposted to the Deadline Dames. Check us out! The Dames have been answering a lot of questions lately, and I’m going to join the fun. I often get emailed the same questions by a number of different people at once; they seem to come in waves. Here are the three questions about writing I’ve been […]