Editing and WAYFARER

So. There’s news. I’m now offering ebooks through my site, and have integrated my editing waitlist and packages as well. The transition has been pretty painless, thanks in no small part to Skyla Dawn Cameron, who is quickly becoming my go-to minion for everything from tarp-and-shovel to website maintenance. She has big dreams for a […]

Kin Snippet

The hard revisions on Kin–Ruby’s story, the third Beauty & Madness book–are done. Tomorrow I layer in more detail in the all-new scenes. Right now, though, here’s a little snippet from the end: Being scared and alone was worse than anything else, even a beast with empty eyes and scythe-claws. It was worse than the […]

Tea, Day 3

I’m on Day 3 of tea in the mornings instead of coffee. This is going about as well as one would expect. I’m a little clumsy without my morning jolt, and I’ve noticed the 3pm slump is full of WAAAAY more typos. This will go on for about a week, after which I’m free to […]

Beauty, Madness, Red Plague

deflam /Free Photos Yeah, so…apparently I’m dating. This surprises everyone, me included, but I guess when he carries all your stuff through Ikea and brings you flowers each time he sees you, that’s really guy-code for “I like you.” (Who knew?) Plus, my inner goddess approves of all the adoration. It’s nice to be flattered. […]