Want me to write a book?

Well, actually, a serial, that will be released in ebook form (kind of like Selene)? Then hie thee hence to Fireside Magazine’s Year Three Kickstarter. If we reach our goal, I’ll be writing an ongoing serial based on my last Fireside story, Maternal Type. Which means cyborgs, bloodsuckers, train heists, Wild West shootouts, and a […]

A Productive Wallow

So yesterday I had a good bit of a wallow. Yes, I actually scheduled my wallow in self-doubt, pity, and questioning. And dumped out 2K wordcount on the suspense-romance I’m doing for my writing partner. It was a most productive wallow. So now, instead of finishing Bannon & Clare in Hong Kong, I’m working on […]

Changing Midstream

So…things have now been decided. The Ripper Affair will be the last Bannon & Clare book. Which is fine; my plans were for Bannon & Clare to go traveling, and I’ve been working on the “B&C in Hong Kong” book for a couple months now, but that can go in a drawer. Unfortunately, the numbers […]