A Temporary Thing

Tax day! I have never, ever been so glad for my accountant. Every time I see her I want to hug her. She’s bemused by this, of course–mostly, people see her as the bearer of bad news around this time of year. For me, however, she’s saving me from hours and hours of stress my […]

Spring Break

Today’s workout was 3:3s. In other words, 3min fast, 3min steady, the latter still running, but at about 70% effort instead of 90-95%. It’s a form of interval training, I guess, and I loathe all things interval training. However, I’ve become very good at gauging my effort. My “fast” sessions were at 6-6.1min/km, and my […]

ECommerce, You Say?

So, the Selene ebook is out now! Hooray and confetti! Except the surge of demand broke our shopping cart, which had been thoroughly tested and performed just fine, leaving us scrambling for a bit here. We have a more robust cart now, but if your download link for Selene isn’t working, just drop us a […]

Success Is Process

Yesterday I finished the zero draft of Agent Zero, otherwise known as “the spy and the waitress that I wrote for Mel Sterling thing.” Consequently my brain feels like Swiss cheese right now, and runny Swiss cheese at that. Nevertheless, the new project–Rattlesnake Wind, a YA that probably won’t ever see publication–is burning a hole […]

Cyberpunk Western Serial, Anyone?

Want to know a little bit more about the cyberpunk Western serial I’ll be writing if the Fireside Year 3 Kickstarter succeeds? Sure you do! Check out this Q & A (I never know what to say in these things), and if you’re interested and can spare some change, please do. The serial will be […]