Skeleton Right

Fireside issue #20 is out! Which means another chapter of She Wolf and Cub is out, too. Abby and Geoff, sandworms (so many homages to Dune in this thing, OMG) and gore, oh my. Yesterday was full of appointments that necessitated the leaving of the house, which went as well as could be expected. We’re […]

Interpretive Gif Dance

*sigh* My day started like this: With Odd Trundles beginning to groan at 5am that he needed to peeeeeeeeeeee, despite having been out before bedtime last night. His real goal, of course, was climbing onto my bed when he got back inside, because I will occasionally on a Sunday let him do so. The fact […]

Like Scrubbing

It’s a day to curl up after I’ve chipped whatever words I can out of my cranium, watch the threadbare winter sunshine out my office window, and take a few deep breaths. The characters aren’t speaking, and I’ve worked around them as much as I’m able. There’s also the damn cabinets to get done. I […]

Constant Calculus

Yesterday was warm and damp while I was running. I arrived home feeling rather like moss was about to erupt all over me. Fortunately, a hot shower and dry clothes cured that, and I am already seeing the benefits of settling back into the base-building part of my training. Well, that and the almost-gallon of […]