Book Playlist Monday: FLESH CIRCUS

I’m going a little out of order here, mostly because the playlist for Redemption Alley reminds me of where I was while writing that book, and it’s not comfortable at all. Maybe next week I’ll post that one. Anyway, Flesh Circus was an odd book to write. Mostly because I would start writing circus scenes, […]

Mad Scramble

My brain aches. The last few days have been a mad scramble, between starting the music theory course, having houseguests, finishing revisions, and generally catching up and cramming about six weeks’ worth of work into less than a weekend. All of which adds up to me staring blankly at the computer screen, trying to remember […]

She Wolf Is Zero

Yesterday I finished the zero draft of the upcoming Fireside Fiction serial, provisionally titled She Wolf and Cub. The tale takes off where my previous Fireside short, Maternal Type, ended. It was a mad scramble to get to the zero draft finish line, partly because the story wanted to tear itself out of my head […]

Creative Subversion

Chapter 9 of the serial proceeds apace. There’s a certain fight scene I want to write, and it requires me to listen to Aerosmith’s Rag Doll over and over again. The cyborg has to fight off a whole hell of a lot of other cyborgs, and things are going to get a little unpleasant for […]