Snow Day

They came through with trucks spraying deicer early this morning. Nevertheless, you can see where people slid getting out of their driveways, or lost control for a few seconds going down the hill. I’m glad I kept everyone home today–I have probably used up all my driving luck the past couple icy days. The paper […]

Self-Pubbing Recommendations

It’s getting warmer! Only ten degrees below freezing. I know, I’m a delicate PNW mushroom, we’re not used to this sort of weather. It’s like when the temperature gets above seventy–to us, that’s damn warm. And they’re saying freezing rain tonight and tomorrow, which…joy. Last time we had freezing rain we were trapped in the […]

Bullshit Makes You Tired

Happy Samhain to you, dear Readers. It’s the start of a new year-wheel tomorrow, so what better time to eat candy until you’re sick and annoy your neighbors? I promised to tell you about the incredibly powerful phrase “It makes me tired.” Grab a drink, settle in. photo by: istolethetv

Sarcasm and Proportion

I was lying in bed this morning thinking about getting older. (As one does.) Which led me to think about proportion. Once I hit 30, I began to have a standard response to all sorts of things. It’s encapsulated in one word, largely rhetorical, said with varying degrees of sarcasm or wonder. “Seriously?” You seriously […]

The Corral

There’s a new chapter of Selene up today, and a short announcement: regular weekly posting will resume in December. Here, have something different: Writers that draw primarily on the imagination rather than on observation have to be careful. A string of strange events soon becomes meaningless, unconvincing and of no interest, however brilliant the individual […]