At One’s Peril

Have reached the slog in the middle of the serial, where each day’s work feels like chipping tiny bits of dust away from a fossil. There are also copyedits for Kin to be Dealt With. I should really do a post or two about retelling fairytales. Especially since Wayfarer is out now. The trilogy–the structure […]


I took no pride in my solitude, but I was dependent on it. –Charles Bukowski, Factotum I went mostly-dark yesterday. Every once in a while one just has to clean everything out, retreat inside. Do only the bare minimum of email-checking or popping online to get the news. I didn’t realize how much of my […]

On Growing Up

Today’s going to be furiously active. There’s a tempo run, a call with the agent, the dogs need kibble, the cats probably do too because I don’t want any of them eating my face, editing to get out the door, and buckling down to revising Gallow and the first three chapters of the upcoming Fireside […]