Menagerie There

I’m back! Well, I wasn’t really gone, just sunk into revising. I’d thought this book was fairly clean and easy. GOD, WAS I WRONG. Still, I can take some comfort from it. If you look at something you wrote months or years ago and don’t cringe a little thinking of how you could pull it […]

Begun to Green

Hip-deep in revisions. I’d forgotten what it was like to gut a manuscript. HA HA JUST KIDDING, IT’S BURNED INTO MY CRANIUM, I CAN’T FORGET. *sigh* Yeah, it’s revision time again, as if you can’t tell. I thought this book–my retelling of Beauty & the Beast–would hold up fairly well. My goodness, but was I […]

No More Skin

It’s a Monday. Which means this morning was full of coffee grounds and boiling water slopped all over me from my little espresso machine. It’s given signal service for years now, and needs a bit of careful coddling every now and again. Ah, well, at least I got yesterday off to recover after the bag […]


Norbert watches over the garden. He’s in a somewhat sad state; the weather and rampaging squirrels (he came off the worst in a tripartite battle between Beauregarde, Josephine, and Hidalgo the Wonder Squirrel) have taken their toll, but he remains at his post with cheerful aplomb. He looks the other way if a starving bird […]