No End of Good

Mrphle. Grrr. Ack. Bleargh. *coughs* Erm, I mean, good morning. I’m back from my weekend off. It did me no end of good. *looks around* So what’s going on? Well, the dogs are sleeping–Odd Trundles is settled on my bed, and it will take a nuclear bomb to get him loose before he’s finished the […]

Tea and Irritation

No huge post today. We’re almost out of milk and the Agent Zero revisions are calling my name. I finished the sample chapters for Agent Trinity yesterday, so there’s that, and the story is bubbling and boiling in the back of my head. Proof pages for Trailer Park Fae are due to land on my […]

Mental Muscles

That’s right, Pack is on sale through the holiday season. A story to keep you warm, as it were. Frost is thick over everything this morning. I’ll have to wait a bit before I head out on my run. Fortunately it’s a short one–I’ve finished one training program and begun another, this one designed to […]

That Lovely Sound

Good morning, chickadees. I hope your Thanksgiving was low-stress and full of good food. For those who were on the barricades and protesting on that day (all through the weekend in some places, I’m told), I hope all went well and someone at least organized coffee. News! I have news. Issue 18 of Fireside, with […]