Too Soon To Tell

I finished Killer Elite last night, and am attempting Ulysses next. Which will be a tiny bit of a change, I’m sure. Joyce doesn’t interest me as much as he probably could–except for his love letters to Nora–mostly because he’s one of the Dead White Men of Litrachur. (And frankly, Nora’s vanished letters interest me […]

Constant Calculus

Yesterday was warm and damp while I was running. I arrived home feeling rather like moss was about to erupt all over me. Fortunately, a hot shower and dry clothes cured that, and I am already seeing the benefits of settling back into the base-building part of my training. Well, that and the almost-gallon of […]

Singing to Favas

Favas are a good winter crop. They fix nitrogen, are very cold-resistant (these survived our latest freeze quite wonderfully) and they enjoy being sung to. This crop particularly enjoys Broadway, though I don’t have the lungpower to really treat the songs as they deserve anymore. Astonishingly, they also like Ronnie Milsap and Hall & Oates. […]

Already Bizarre

Things I’ve heard lately: “Don’t go on OKCupid anymore, honey. They’re not okay there.” * * “I’m not smart. I’m intelligent.” * “Pretty sure my recent internet searches have landed me on some lists…” * “Make it the micro stripper glitter.” * “I let them out, but they refused to pee. Further bulletins as events […]