My Girl C

I was going to tell you a long involved story about why my head’s shaved now, full of car chases, a bag of money, and four Persian cats playing ukuleles. But after sitting here for a long time…I can’t. More precisely, I won’t, I have limited emotional energy and trying to be cheerful and/or hilarious […]

Sheer Enraged Entitlement

My hair’s reaching that point where it won’t lie down, it just sticks straight up like I have a sink scrubber on my head. More about that tomorrow, I don’t feel up to writing the whole thing now. Today will be another 80+ degree day. GO HOME, OCTOBER. YOU’RE DRUNK. There’s been some talk lately […]


I had thought that once kids weren’t in elementary school anymore, their parents would begin to show a certain maturity. In the parking lot, to be specific, while dropping their kids off. I don’t know why I thought that. After all, the times when I drive the Princess to high school, it’s just like the […]

SHE WOLF AND CUB Starts Today!

Have you ever said to yourself, “Self, where are all the cyborg assassin Westerns, because I really want to read one?” I did. So I wrote one. And you can now read it. That’s right! Fireside has just begun Year Three. That means my book-length serial, She Wolf and Cub, taking off where my short […]

From Vodka to Uncanny

This morning I interred a dead squirrel, and other than a slightly surreal conversation with a neighbour who inquired “what’s in the bag?” (Answer: “A dead body. Wanna see?”)…nothing happened. All went smoothly, with no screaming, shoelessness, canine follies, or feline insanity. Anticlimactic, ennit? But also strangely thrilling in its own way. ETA: Since so […]