Running, Not Running, and the Weekend Felony

Every once in a while, a day comes along where you can’t run. You’ve been going along with your training plan, accident, injury, illness, whatever keeps you from lacing your shoes up and hitting the pavements. Such days are intensely frustrating–at least, for me. I get an itching under my skin and a snarl below […]

Steelflower Suggestions Now Open!

All right, guys. I’m crunching numbers and making preparations to POSSIBLY Kickstart for the second Steelflower book. What I need to know is this: what rewards would you guys like to see? It’s a considerable chunk of money, not least because I have to live while writing it and Kickstarter and Amazon both take a […]

Rainy, Glorious

This morning’s run was a good one–9+km, most of it in .8km fast intervals. Consistently turning in 5:50-6:10 per km on the fast intervals wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Learning to gauge effort is one of the better benefits to occasionally doing a training plan. One finds elastic limits, and hard-and-fast […]

So That Happened

Last week was a little rough. I can at least hold my head up, so to speak. Taking the high road and behaving well is not just for the internets, folks. Plus, there were hijinks! Not by me, no. When the Selkie does her post about it I’ll be able to say more, but she […]

Audible SquirrelTerror!

GUESS WHAT. You can now get the adventures of Neo and the gang in audiobook form, narrated by the amazing Marci Himelson! Right now it’s just available through Audible, but in a couple days it’ll be available through iTunes as well. I’m very pleased with Marci’s work, and I hope you are too. I’m still […]