The Mad Tortie Arrives

Where was I? Oh yeah, there was a frenzy of licking Beauregarde the Baby Knight of the Nut Table, Tarzan was laughing like he was going to herniate himself, in between shaking his head and sputtering, “This is SO BIZARRE,” and I kept replying, “WELCOME TO MY LIFE.” Lest you think we were being cruel […]

Odd’s World Turned Upside Down

Poor Tarzan, left alone with an ecstatically licking B and an increasingly bedraggled Beauregarde, guessed what I was about to do and prudently retreated to near the garage door. I made it up to the deck and let poor Odd Trundles out. He’d been sitting there with his bulldog snout pressed against the glass, since […]

Beauregarde and B

SO WHEN LAST WE spoke, I had left Tarzan to hold back Beauregarde’s assault while I ran for reinforcements. I heard the man let out another “JESUS CHRIST!” and the squirrel squeak another “EXCELSIOR!” and I hoped against hope that a man much taller than me could deal with a baby squirrel for a few […]

A Bike, A Squirrel, A Levitating Man

Tarzan’s a funny one. Does dishes, cleans gutters, takes the rubbish out. After so long with the ex, who couldn’t be bothered, and afterwards just doing it myself, it’s been a bit of a change. A welcome one, but my default is still to do things on my own, which drives Tarzan to distraction. This […]

A Three-Day Tour

Kids are back in school. All the last-minute, little weird things necessary to get them settled–paperwork, signing syllabi, letting their teachers know I’m watching–are taken care of, except for getting the Little Prince performance wear for choir class. (Kid’s in middle school now, and has Opinions. Whoa.) As a result of arranging, signing, scheduling, and […]