Release Day: KIN!

It’s release day for Kin, the final fairytale retelling in my Beauty & Madness series! Full moon. Glowing eyes. Red lips. And such sharp, sharp teeth… In the kin world, girls Ruby de Varre’s age are expected to play nice, get betrothed, and start a family—especially if they’re rootkin, and the fate of the clan […]

Real Commitment

Issue 21 of Fireside is out, which means more Geoff and Abby! True to form, Abby’s decided the most efficient way to get what she wants, and in this case, that means getting into a bar-brawl. Do I even need to say how much I really like this character? Once she makes up her mind, […]


The Princess did homemade Nutella for a friend’s birthday–a true labour of love that involved blanching and peeling, then roasting, the little bastards. Hazelnut skins dye things a very strong red, as we found out. The towel she’s using still bears the marks, and there was a ring inside the pan used to blanch them […]

Squirrel From the Jaws of Victory

Tossing and turning, sweat-drenched, all last night. As a result, I am zombie-shambling. Today my girl C has her very last chemo! I am not on deck as helper for this one, which is good because the last thing a whole clutch of chemo and other infusion patients needs is me breathing a cold all […]