The Week In Trundles

Living with a bulldog is an exotic experience. Let’s take a look at what Odd Trundles has done just in this past week: * Helped Miss B eat a half-stick of butter. To be fair, I think it was knocked off the counter by the Little Prince in the frenzy of table-clearing that follows dinner […]

Do Better

Dear Superheroes: Sexual harassment isn’t an occupational hazard. It’s not a glitch in the complex matrix of modern life. It’s not something that just “happens.” It’s something men do. It’s a choice men make. It’s a problem men enable. It’s sometimes a crime men commit. And it is not in the power nor the responsibility […]

A Temporary Thing

Tax day! I have never, ever been so glad for my accountant. Every time I see her I want to hug her. She’s bemused by this, of course–mostly, people see her as the bearer of bad news around this time of year. For me, however, she’s saving me from hours and hours of stress my […]