Unattached to the Work

So the recent website follies have me thinking about attachment. (Very Zen of me, I’m sure.) It doesn’t bother me that much to have lost, let’s see, about three years’ worth of blogging about five days a week. At an average of 1K words per blog post, that’s…eh, a few words. (I am too tired […]

Sunday at Ikea

We stood there, a crowded Ikea throbbing behind us, for about twenty seconds. Then, I breathed, “Oh, my GOD,” and we looked at each other, in perfect accord. “It’s…” He shook his head, obviously lost for words. “It’s like all my childhood cartoons come to life,” I supplied, helpfully. “Yeah.” He assesses the crowd with […]

Hand me the machete, darling.

Well. So, my site got hacked. It was up briefly…then down again. And now it’s up to stay…but I’ve lost everything before December ’09. That’s okay, really. *sigh* I’m sure I can recreate any writing advice I had lying about. I’ve spent the day re-organizing and cleaning up categories and tags, and figuring out the […]

Death By Rodent-Chasing Canine

So my dog tried to kill me this morning. Well, really, it wasn’t her fault. She saw a squirrel across the street and twitched, thinking to bolt in front of me to go get it. Unfortunately, this was right where I tripped and fell last time. So down I went with an odd sense of […]