Boots On, Hood Up, Fists Clenched

I just got one of the Best Presents Ever: a stack of handwritten thank-you notes from my daughter’s English class. They were writing to thank me for coming in to talk to them about being a working writer. Among the highlights was one earnest piece of advice: “If the zombie apocalypse happens I’m going to […]

Linkage, plus Bannon & Clare

My semi-hiatus from blogging proceeds apace. Here’s a couple links: * I linked to my “The Hard Sell Doesn’t Work” post on Twitter yesterday, and Becca Fitzpatrick has further thoughts. * An underground village in France, continuously inhabited for thousands of years. * The Wishery Snow White remix, just because it’s been too long since […]

Carry on.

Ankle: still hurts a little, though the swelling’s gone way down and the bruising is retreating. It’s interesting yellowy-green with livid spots of blue-black now, with maroon shadings. Colorful! I have been climbing easy 5.7s, and doing some bouldering–just traverses, no vertical problems. (Well, one easy-simple vertical problem I knew I could downclimb today.) Other […]