Holding steady

Ah, the new police state. Smell that vigorous surveillance. I am determined to get through the rest of the setup before the Big Showdown today, so this will be short. I’ve hit the treadmill–I saw no squirrel activity, though Mercutio!Jay fluttered through at intervals to keep an eye on things. I think the silence is […]

Process, Part I

Crossposted to the Deadline Dames. Check us out! I’ve finished somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty books. A good proportion of those are on the shelves. Yet, every time I sit down to write, it’s still a struggle. I still have the long shoal of “nobody will like this, it’s going to be shit, everyone […]

Oh, Smiley

Cranky, cold, and nauseated. Yep, it must be Monday. The only update I have to offer on the ongoing SquirrelTerror is that Squirrel!Neo appears to have won whatever struggle for dominance there was. The backyard is now his territory. Even Tuxedo Kitty and the Siamese from down the street (they observe a studied ignorance of […]

Five Deadline Things

Crossposted to the Deadline Dames. There are giveaways and contests this week–check us out! Today’s cool links: * Denise Little on sell-throughs, in which she explains some of the Byzantine math publishers and writers have to deal with. * Dame Jenna on countering the counter drive, the contradictory urge not to write. * Dame Rinda’s […]