Declaration, Bullying, And Doing The Math

I have three scenes to get through today to set me up for the Epic!Battle! at the end of Dru 5. I am going to kick this book’s ass today, I swear. So this will be short. * The Copenhagen Declaration on Religion in Public Life. I take this as a step forward. I have […]

It’s Pick My Brain Time!

It’s time for a Friday post. But this Friday, I’m going to do something a little different. From now until teatime–4pm PST here at Casa Saintcrow–I’ll be checking in over at the Deadline Dames regularly and answering your questions about writing in the comments. I figure most of you have listened to me pontificate for […]

A Few Thoughts

A few thoughts knocking around inside my head: * No matter how much being a full-time writer sometimes sucks, I really, really like that I don’t have to work retail right now unless I choose to. I do volunteer at a bookstore (Cover to Cover Books in beautiful Uptown Vancouver, come and see us!) but […]