Wiggle Your Big Toe

This morning I went on a banzai run with the Selkie; it was an estate’s worth of books that we packed and hauled down to the store. We work well together both as writers and as book haulers–we exchange information with glances, read each other’s minds, and just plain get stuff done really fast. It’s […]

I Get A Day Off

Yesterday I finished the zero draft of Strange Angels 4, tentatively now titled Defiance. I thought it would take into the middle of this week at least, but yesterday 3.5+K bolted out of my head and took me to the finish line. Sometimes a book does that–sneaks up on one. The zero draft is clocking […]

News, Events, And Links

Good morning, all. First, the news. * There may be a 6-10K-word story dealing with Selene and Nikolai’s reunion in Saint City in the works. I’ll have details when everything firms up, but for right now, I thought I’d let you guys know. * Events! I will be at the Ooligan Press Write To Publish […]