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Zombie Fanfic

Thank You You guys know how much I love Zombies, Run. I love the story, I love the characters, I love running accompanied by them. I have even developed a wee bit of a crush on Sam Yao. (Hey, a runner knows how much to value a good operator.)

So…I wrote some Zombies, Run fanfic.

I want to be very clear that I don’t own Six to Start‘s (or Naomi Alderman‘s) characters. Also, this is not endorsed by either of the above parties in any way. This is simply an homage to all the amazing work they put in on an app I use all the damn time. Often, when running with the characters, I think about who Five could be. This is one of the backstories I came up with, and I hope you like it. If you’re a runner (or a walker) with a smartphone, I highly recommend trying ZR out. I still, after a few years, enjoy the hell out of it.


Click this link to view/download a PDF of my Runner 5 story, Soldier.


2 thoughts on “Zombie Fanfic

  1. Zombie Run sounds like the perfect motivation towards running and getting in shape for my next Tai Chi class. Once I had finished reading your Strange Angels series (which is still my absolute favorite series in the world) I had to try out Tai Chi since you gave me the idea and wrote about Dru trying it out. It has been perfect to keep me relaxed and fit. So I shall thank you.

    Also, Dante Valentine couldn’t have been written any better. Jill Kismet rocks! Tales of Beauty and Madness is amazing and my third favorite series (Dante Valentine being #2), but it still doesn’t beat Dru’s tough-as-nails attitude, her inner thoughts in italic (which spoke with my own as I was reading it), heartfelt Polish words, Graves and Christophe being the best romantic interests ever (though I still can’t decide which guy I like better), the book starting out with Dru having to shoot her own Dad because he’s a freaking zombie. Just… LOVE IT!

    So now I will go read your Runner 5 story as I know I’ll already end up enjoying it. Then I’ll go reread Strange Angels for the hundredth time and still be stunned that there isn’t a movie or a TV show along with this series.

    Keep up the fantastic work writing kick ass characters!!!

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