Inevitable Brainmelt

happy I must be ready to achieve liftoff on the third Gallow & Ragged book, because yesterday I had an intense spike of irritation having to do with the printer. It must have sensed I was distracted, and thought it could escape work by simply remaining still and quiet, even though it has plenty of toner.

I almost had a…moment with it.

Ahem. Anyway.

My plan is to get far enough on Wasteland King that when I shift over to copyedits for another book, it will make the former jealous and raise it to a high boil. There’s also the little matter of the werewolf cop book I want to finish this year. Anything else I finish between now and December is gravy, so I might as well open up another slot on my work schedule. Hm.

I find I’m taking longer to write a zero draft these days, but the zero doesn’t need nearly as much work to turn it into a respectable first draft anymore. I would think that I’m fooling myself, but my editors seem to agree. I can only think that I’m doing a lot of editing in my head as the words initially come out, which could be a blessing or a curse. I tend to work hot and fast anyway, anything that slows that down might help with the inevitable brainmelt.

So that’s it. Wasteland King, here I come. But first, there’s running to be done, and dogs to pet.

One must always do the important things first.

photo by: huntz

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