No End of Good

Cat teeth Mrphle. Grrr. Ack. Bleargh. *coughs* Erm, I mean, good morning. I’m back from my weekend off. It did me no end of good.

*looks around* So what’s going on?

Well, the dogs are sleeping–Odd Trundles is settled on my bed, and it will take a nuclear bomb to get him loose before he’s finished the important business of the Morning Nap. Miss B had all four paws in the air and was dreaming when I rolled out of bed, and she had a bit of difficulty sorting herself out that had rather bled over into the rest of her day. I think the dream may have involved small dashing bits of prey, because she keeps looking in corners and under things, getting her snoot into all sorts of dust and trouble and so far rooting out nothing but a couple chew toys. The Mad Tortie is alternating between grilling herself on the office heater and inviting herself to my lap for cuddles.

Bandit misses Critic, his partner in cavy chew-crime. Being snuggled by big pink monkeys isn’t enough, and I feel sorry for him, but I am not getting another cavy. We’ll never be free of them if I keep their population at two. I will care for poor Bandit to the best of my ability, he shall want for nothing, but once he goes, I will NEVER AGAIN have rodents in my office. I just can’t even.

The neighbors are putting out Nativity scenes. I always have the idea, this time of year, to get two Nativities and alternate setting them out with same-sex holy couples. You know? Baby Jesus with Two Mum Marys. Baby Jesus with Two Dads. The only thing that stops me is the expense, really, and the fact that I can’t decide whether to start doing a Cthulhu Nativity with armed garden gnomes creeping up on the Tentacled One instead. It would certainly give the neighborhood association something to talk about.

Recent events have put a dent in my work schedule, so now I’m playing catch-up. At least I’ve Dealt With the problems in No Uncertain Terms, and updated my email filters to boot. God, how did we ever survive without filters? It’s unthinkable.

Anyway, happy Monday. I’m pleased to see nothing burned to the ground while I was–

*is handed sheet of paper*

Oh. Well. Erm.

Time to get back to work…

photo by: barbourians
  • I haven’t the last few years because laziness, but I usually make a gingerbread nativity scene with Zombie Baby Jesus and wisemen who leave offerings of brains.

    I call it Deathleham.

    This…this could be why I have no friends who come to my place.

  • particle_person

    You must be one of the Best People. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.

  • If I lived closer, you know I’d be there noshing on Zombie Baby Gingerbread Jesus. IN A HEARTBEAT.

  • Likewise.

    I figure I’ve got this yard, and an Earth Day flag, and a sense of humor. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

  • Have I ever told you about Amputee Toddler Jesus at our house? Remind me some day.

  • Next time we’re out drinking…

  • A friend of mine once did a touching manger scene in which Mary and Joseph were visited by the Three Wise Flamingos…

  • Bringing poker chips, Crown Royal, and Ben-Gay, I hope…

  • martianmooncrab

    a Cthulhu Nativity with armed garden gnomes creeping up on the Tentacled One instead. It would certainly give the neighborhood association something to talk about.

    how about a shed just engulfed in Tentacles? Couple of camel bits sticking out..

  • molly wyatt

    And to think my mom complained when, in college, I added the Wee Three Kings pocket dragons to her nativity set instead of the boring wise men (what kid wouldn’t prefer jellybeans, cookies and mirth to smelly rocks and hard things you can’t eat?).

  • I probably would have given your mum a heart attack. 😛

  • molly wyatt

    Exactly. She really didn’t know how easy she had it…….