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A Glance Out

Blue There is very little more luxurious than a hot shower and dry clothes after a punishing run in the rain. Sometimes I think I just run because it feels so goddamn good when one finally stops. There were plenty of puddles to jump, with the result that both B and I were pretty well soaked by the end of it.

News! I have news! Last night I finished the revisions for Agent Zero, which (I can say openly now) has been bought and will come out through Harlequin at some future date. The first Gallow book was titled Trailer Park Fae–not by me, I should add–and I’m waiting on a firm publication date. It’s already up at Barnes & Noble. The listing says next June, but I’m not sure that’s final yet. In any case, it’s listed!

Feelers are still being sent out about Steelflower 2. This is a long process, guys, and I know you’re excited. I still haven’t made a decision yet.

I do have some other news. Remember the Watcher series? All my ImaJinn books are now with a brand-new publisher now, and they’re being re-edited and re-released with brand new covers! That means the Watchers, the Society folks, and The Demon’s Librarian are all going to get fresh spankin’ new covers and I’ll have what every writer dreams of–a chance to go back and fiddle with a book after it’s been out in paper for a while. When the new covers arrive I’ll let you guys know. I’m pretty excited.

If you’ve noticed I’ve just been talking about work stuff for the past little while…you’re right. Several things have conspired to make me retreat from showing anything personal on the blog. I’m just now starting to feel like I can glance out the door a little, maybe crack it and let a little light in. We’ll see how it goes.

And now I am off to make a few gallons of hot tea, and settle back into Gallow 2. I have three characters on the run from the Wild Hunt, a poisoned wound, a dog that is more than he appears to be, and lots of secrets and double-crossing to write, not to mention swordfights and a carnival.

I outright love my job. But you knew that.

5 thoughts on “A Glance Out

  1. all great news and new words from Lili are always welcome!

    and looking forwards to reading the new versions of the Imajinn books..

  2. I know, right?! I have 3 fur-kids myself (had dogs all my life), and they are all crazy. Different personalities, things they do that they’ve never been ‘taught’ to do.

    Example: Jack loves to chew rawhide bones, but he loves them best when he can prop the bone on my feet while chewing them. Or Rusty, who must circle his cushion at least four times one way, then four times the other way, all the while muttering to himself, before he will lay down. Then we have Sammie. She will always tell us in advance that the phone is about to ring. No idea how she does it, but she goes to the kitchen phone and whines at it about 15-20 seconds before it rings – every call???

    We love our kids.

  3. That’s right. Love me, love my pets. Yes, my home has doghair floating around, if that’s a problem, don’t come and visit. Our kids are spoiled.

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