Saturday Flash Fiction: The Doll

What sparked this one: This news story.
The Prompt: The doll appeared on the porch Friday evening, with blank black button eyes and a soft vacuous smile.
The Limit: 300 words


  • The doll appeared on the porch Friday evening, with blank black button eyes and a soft vacuous smile. Abi played with it her room, and tucked it into her bed when it was time to sleep.

    On Saturday, she carried everywhere she went: to the store with her parents, to the restaurant for lunch, to the park to play. Abi was very proud of the way the doll slid down the slide all on its own. The doll was heavy, and seemed to get heavier the longer she carried it, but Abi didn’t mind. When bedtime came, she tucked it into bed again, and they both slept very soundly.

    On Sunday, she arranged the doll so that it sat with them in church. The doll was very well behaved. They spent Sunday afternoon at G-ma’s house, and the doll was very well behaved there, too. “What a big doll,” remarked G-ma.

    “Abi found it,” Mom told her. “I didn’t realize how big it was until this morning, though.”

    That night, Abi carefully put the doll to bed again. She even made a big show of brushing its teeth. The doll, of course, just smiled its empty smile.

    Abi woke up early on Monday. Her parents were still asleep, and she was still very tired, even though she’d slept deeply. She got out of bed, and tried to pick up her doll, but now it was bigger than Abi and far too heavy for her to carry. “Come on, doll,” she told it, thoroughly exasperated. “We can’t stay here all day.”

    So on Monday, the doll carried her. It carried her out of the house and down the street, across roads and through empty fields. Far away, it found its own house, where it carefully tucked Abi in its toy bin.

  • I like this. Well done.

  • Thanks! It was creepy little writing prompt; but then, it was a creepy little news story, too.

  • Stephanie

    Nicely done!

  • OrdoExtraho

    The doll appeared on the porch Friday evening, with blank black button eyes and a soft vacuous smile.

    Accompanied with a note for its intended this doll was the results of months of labour and research hand crafted for a single purpose to right a wrong! Well that was its intended purpose.
    But due to a tangled web of lies and deceit fuelled mostly by alcohol and the pressure of trying to fit into ones peer group after a pro longed absence, a poor innocent infant would be deprived of a parent and unlike a television drama there is no clever little plot device allowing for a ground hog day like loop enabling the possibility of a happy or lesson learned and everything turned out okay ending.
    No this ending had been set in motion years before by people and choices that were not even related to it, now don’t get me wrong we all have free will and destiny is not absolute or without the flexibility to adapt as one changes their mind but like the butterfly who by the flapping of its wings caused a cyclone across the ocean.
    The complexities of the world we live in often originate within a series of simple choices so the changing of any single choice may not be enough to affect a desired change of outcome it is because of this that outcomes like this one can be almost inevitable leading many to dwell on a lifetime of regrets.
    And that’s exactly what this doll came to represent for all those involved it even came to define the dolls very existence and this is why it is now referred to as the Cursed Doll of Regret, One of the thirteen cursed relics.
    You see young ones magic like all things in life can have costly repercussions if used in anger or on a whim, the mage in question made the doll to kill what they thought was a monster trying to punish a dear and old friend by stealing their child, the truth of the matter was a little different after a difficult afternoon with their lawyer upon discovering that their spouse had partitioned the courts for custody of their infant child. The disenfranchised friend in question sought the solace of friends and alcohol during which the formerly reasonable spouse became to all who listened a monster of demon like proportions thusly requiring such dramatic actions to be taken.
    So on that stormy Friday the 13th as the “Monster” emptied the trash from the house they noticed a small doll on the front porch with a small attached note, which read “to protect the little one from the boogie monster” finding the missive amusing enough to elicit a small smile than they began to inspect the gift from the unknown sender looking upon that blank empty expression something began to unnerve than causing the panic to rise on the inside. It was then that they realised what was wrong it was those depthless black button eyes it was like looking into the abyss it was just than that they performed the final action and blinked the “Monster” fell to the ground or at least the shell or vessel that was the “Monster” did.
    The “Monsters” soul however well, when looking into the abyss my only advice is never blink the cost for looking away for even the briefest of fractions of a moment is more than anyone or thing can pay!
    Well than that’s enough for today’s lesson class dismissed for lunch oh and don’t forget Pyromancy pop-quiz this Friday!

  • The word count limit was tricky. It cut off the very last line, which was going to to be: “That was when Jill Kismet kicked the door in.”

    …Okay, not really, but I do kind of feel like it should have been.