Book Playlist Monday: FLESH CIRCUS

flesh-circus I’m going a little out of order here, mostly because the playlist for Redemption Alley reminds me of where I was while writing that book, and it’s not comfortable at all. Maybe next week I’ll post that one.

Anyway, Flesh Circus was an odd book to write. Mostly because I would start writing circus scenes, and then realise I couldn’t insert them because they weren’t in Jill’s POV. I do have an idea for a related project–a set of short interconnected stories about a circus of the damned–but that will have to wait for a while. Some of the bits I wrote might get recycled into that. *is thoughtful*

Anyway, here’s the playlist! And for the record, I find calliope music so goddamn creepy it isn’t even funny.

The Cirque’s Hostage Twelfth Street Rag, (on calliope)
This Is My Town Trouble, Elvis Presley
Papa Legba, Close The Door Haven’t Got Time For The Pain, Carly Simon
An Attack On The Cirque Kitten Pig, Pentaphobe
Perry/Business With MY Hunter U.R.A. Fever, The Kills
Jill and Saul No Ordinary Love, Sade
The Woman has The Advantage Big Wheel, Tori Amos
Once A Catholic Girl Only The Good Die Young, Billy Joel
Mama Zamba Marionette, Chris Spheeris
Hyperion’s Smile Solitary Man, Neil Diamond
A Horse Just For Me Let Me Call You Sweetheart, (on calliope)
Do You Still Need Me? I’ll Be Waiting, Lenny Kravitz
I’m A Hunter Sweet Talk, The Killers

  • OrdoExtraho

    I had a little trouble with this list I mean creepy calliope music aside as I am certain I have put those IT nightmares behind me but than lets not focus on that and just say it is not funny or hilarious to show your 5 year old brother a creepy clown film based off a Stephen King book the long term repercussions outweigh the short term joy back to erm um my point the non calliope music in some case required a re-imaging of sorts to fit in with the overall but despite my difficulty and somewhat discomfort while manipulating the focus I think I was fairly close to it in the end at least as close as my perception allows me and you managed to reintroduce to a much loved song that I cant remember where I know it from in U.R.A Fever so Thank You

    P.S IT and Stephen King aside the reason I find calliope music creepy is that it is dis jointed in an uncomfortable way for one of my a skewed view of the world other than that it remind’s me and I think a lot of people (but don’t quote me on that one) of their early childhood fairs merry go rounds and all the sort which now to me seem tainted with all the stories on the news and television cause really what’s a demon compared to a drunken idiot with a fingered poised over a red button erm sorry again and once again thank you for the list

  • Stephanie

    Oh, The Kills. I think their song “The Good Ones” is very atmospheric and suggests an interesting scene.
    And Tori, well, she’s just Stellar. Somehow every album has had just the right songs on it at just the right time in my life.