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Snow Day

Winter Tree They came through with trucks spraying deicer early this morning. Nevertheless, you can see where people slid getting out of their driveways, or lost control for a few seconds going down the hill. I’m glad I kept everyone home today–I have probably used up all my driving luck the past couple icy days.

The paper editions of The Quill & the Crow are now available through Amazon–hardback here and trade paper here. There’s a couple of auditions for the SquirrelTerror audiobook–you can go listen and vote for them, if you like. I’ve also opened up my Tumblr Ask page. If a particularly awesome question comes along, I might vlog it.

Of course, that’s dependent on how much time I have in a given week. The Princess and I were just talking about the subjectivity of time the other day. Dragging when you expect something, flying when you’re having fun. (Just like the Flying Spaghetti Monster!)

The dogs are both antsy today. Miss B hasn’t been run in days and she is expressing her dissatisfaction in any number of ways; Odd Trundles is taking a page from her book in between sleeping with his face pressed up against my office heater. He did that a lot when he was a puppy; I was worried he’d burn himself but it seems like he has an asbestos face. The little weirdo.

Things nobody ever tells you about revisions: the amount of resistance one feels to the edit letter is often in direct proportion to the edit letter’s accuracy in pointing out the flaws in your book; also, beating your head against the keyboard just makes a mess you have to clean up later. This concludes my daily PSA.

Off I go to head-butt the Qwerty some more…

6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. It won’t let me see the auditions (probably because I am one of them, and they don’t want me cheating), but I hope they are all excellent! Meanwhile, you should know by now, there are no winners with a headbutt. Where’s your shovelglove hammer?

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