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Every time I see these, I imagine gymnasts using them like uneven parallel bars. Or in zero gravity, making flying patterns through the wires and struts.

8 thoughts on “Tightrope

  1. Oh look! Gymnast bars!

    I usually think of a circus and the trapeze artists. See the ropes tied off waiting for someone to use them. Only thing is other lines in the way. 🙁 But they can do many flipping tricks there. And tightrope walking. lol.

    I can see a whole swarm of people laughing and having fun. Would be a sight to see…

  2. I do to, but seems I’ve gotten away from the fun of imagining. I realized the other day, I’m not happy because I don’t do this anymore. Wrote a post about it, to go live sometime in next month. But the lack of mental stimulation is making me feel stupid and blah. I want to play again. I want to learn things out of my normal regime of work. I just need to find friends to do more of this with. So…when I saw this post, I had to jump to comment. 🙂

    Sorry for rambling. And Thank you!

  3. I haven’t had a flying dream in years (that I remember), but when I did, those damned power lines were always in my way.

    I’m sure there’s some deep significance to it, but in the dreams I just found them irritating.

  4. I always wonder about the EMF patterns below them, and when do the squirrells stop running on the larger wires..

    Then I get an impulse to rewatch Tremors…

  5. Me too! I’d be flying along having a great time, and then there would be power lines and I’d worry about getting caught in them.

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