Not Done Yet

Manuscript So yesterday 5K words slid out of my head, whole and bloody, and the zero draft of The Iron Plague (also known as “that trailer-park elf book”) is finished. This is a cause for celebration, yes, because this book has been in my head for years (ever since my writing partner told me about a dream her spouse had) and now it’s out.

But I’m not done yet.

My NaNo goal this year is to get Iron Plague into first-draft shape by December 1. Which means that the manuscript, which currently stands at around 51K, will probably grow to about 60K. I know where most of the growth needs to come in, too. I work fast, loose, and hot on the zero draft, getting the corpse of the story out onto the table and ready to be prettified. It’s very, very rare that I let anyone see a zero draft; the work can still be killed at that point. Which is, incidentally, part of why I don’t work well with others; the chill of another gaze can blast a tender young shoot of a book into a blackened stub. I know it’s probably Preshus and Speshul of me, but it’s how I work.

Anyway, the zero draft has to lie fallow for a little bit now–probably around a week, while I finish copyedits on The Ripper Affair, the third Bannon & Clare. Then it’s back to Jeremy Gallow and Robin Ragged–longtime readers will probably remember early versions of them in the Courts of the Fey anthology–and once that’s a reasonable first draft, I send Iron Plague off to my lovely agent and go straight into revisions for Ruby’s story, the final Tale of Beauty & Madness.

Finishing the damn novel is just the first step. It’s a lulu of a step, don’t get me wrong, and should be celebrated. But afterward another long slog begins.

It makes me tired just thinking about it today, which is why there’s no Friday photo. My brain pretty much feels like it’s been pummeled by a very enthusiastic boxer, and I’m stuck in the “fire bad, tree pretty” phase that happens after I finish a zero draft. So…off I go, to finish the rest of my morning and stretch out my tired fingers. (The new keyboard, by the way, has held up splendidly under these past few days.)

Over and out.

photo by: Muffet
  • martianmooncrab


    I like your version of Cosmotology for Mortians… for readers..

  • Amanda Brewer

    So, I dont think I am asking this question in the correct pace but I have to, lol. I just finished the “final” strange angels, Reckoning and although I loved the book I felt no closure with the ending. I actually have been making up my on endings, lol. Do you plan on doing another Strange Angels? Will Dru finally choose between Graves or Chris or maybe someone else????

  • I do not think the end of the series should be about Dru “choosing” Graves or Christophe. (Which I’ve said several times, especially here: The end of the series is about Dru growing up and realizing, among other things, that she cannot fix everything.

  • Thank you for the link regarding the ending. And sorry to hear about all the hate mail you have recieved about this ending :(. And if I have offened you as well sorry, I finished the last book late last night and apparently didnt see the following link . I do tend to get alittle too involved with books, lol. But I do wonder about other parts of the books as well, like you said you left bread crumbs and I am making rolls. I do agree with you on the romantic choices, lol, but part of growing up is realizing no one is perfect. Heck, maybe Ash finially snaps out of being a puppy, who knows. Will there be another bad guy? Maybe its our conditioning with the Disney movies and others as well that expects that final ending to be wonderful and perfect. Thank you for the great reads :)). Also, thank you for responding so quickly to my question.

  • No offense taken AT ALL, Miss Brewer. You asked a perfectly reasonable question in a pretty reasonable way, and politely too.

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for loving Dru. I love her too. Getting involved with books is a good thing, and I’m honored that you found so much to be involved with in mine! Please do go on and make rolls from the breadcrumbs. Your answers to these questions will be more satisfying for you than any answers I could give, because they will be your own, and they will teach you a lot.

    I can say this: there is always another bad guy. And like I said, I have thoughts about a Maharaj girl and a series centered on her and her world and choices. It may not ever be written or published, but I know how the story goes on. So there’s that, I suppose. 😛

  • I think it would be wonderful if you ever did a book or books about a Maharaj girl…. Well I really thought about the ending and the books and the characters more and boy did I bake, lol. Instead of making a roll I think I made a dozen 🙂 . And the more I thought the more I LOVED the ending of the final book especially in regards to her love life. When it comes down to it neither boys are “right” for Dru and vice versa. Its hard to find a mate you can love and accept competely, it took me years. Lets face it although Chris is willinging to give his life to save her on more than one occasion, he has his faults, one being as you stated he witholds information yet so does Dru with Graves. Although they have that “fire” or heat or whatever you want to call it, they also seem to get alittle too rough with one another. And where does it really come from, the blood sharing?, or bonding, or love? They are too much alike! So, that leaves Graves, the boy has a good heart, good intentions, but how many times does he just run off on Dru???? This is one of Dru’s biggest fears and in the end Graves was going to leave her without saying goodbye. I do think she loved both guys but there is a big difference in loving a person and being in love and she is soo young. The best thing for Dru would be a stable perment school and home where she can learn to feel secure and have the chance to make more friends. I honestly think it would be cool if she hooked up with a Maharaj boy, at least than she would learn how to throw a cool blue and red hex . I told you I baked today, and that’s just one roll, lol. Again, thank you for a WONDERFUL book series, and a “PERFECT” ending. I appreciate the time and feedback you have given me. I also look forward to reading more of your books. Please feel free to forward this in responce to those nasty emails regarding the ending.