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Kiss the Toad Lily

Toad Lily

This is my first toad lily–Samurai, I believe. I love the speckles on the flower, I love the fact that it’s a shade plant, and I flat-out adore how weird and otherworldly it looks. Between that, the Himalayan cobra lilies, and the Jack-in-the-pulpit, I’m beginning to notice a trend, sorta. *looks innocent*

In a couple years, the garden is going to be AMAZING. It’s a new thing, to put down roots like this. I felt temporary for over a decade at the old house, because it was only rented, after all. Now I finally feel like I have a place to belong. After growing up a military brat and my peripatetic life afterward, it’s a relief.

3 thoughts on “Kiss the Toad Lily

  1. I cant seem to keep them coming back for more than a year… and I gots shade!

    Totally gorgeous.. sigh.

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